Kidnapped by my mate

Kidnapped by my mate

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MyBaerrito By MyBaerrito Updated Apr 03, 2016

18 year old Violet Manson just got out of foster care.
Stuck in a rundown apartment complex barely making enough to feed herself some nights.
Until the alpha of a pack kidnaps her one dark night.

I slowly fluttered my eyes open, I had a major headache that's going to defiantly needs some aspirin. sitting up in my bed I yawned, it wasn't until I realized it wasn't my bed, or my room.

Frantically I move to get off the bed but my right foot was shackled to the bedpost. then the events of last night came flooding back to me.

Me waking up to the guy at the café 

"I'm sorry but it's for the best"

Him putting something in my face

And then the darkness.

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xazariahx xazariahx Sep 19, 2017
I'm confused first in the description you said that she's 18 then typed that 19 feels good and then her bff said she just turned 18 that day so which one is it????!!??
KashamaBeaubrun KashamaBeaubrun May 17, 2017
My family reunions are awesome mainly because of the food and alcohol
bdmwm900 bdmwm900 May 21, 2017
18 Is the age where you can go out on your own in the world from childcare
bdmwm900 bdmwm900 May 21, 2017
Don't Tell me that she is human 
                              Question for everyone: Would You rather be a Human or Werewolf
DeadByBooks DeadByBooks Dec 31, 2016
I go to one every year and I don't like it cause it's so awkward when I talk to people
That's absolutely fine. I am too!😃 I love your story already!!!