The Cosmic Princess

The Cosmic Princess

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tlwsweety2 By tlwsweety2 Updated Aug 01

Sequel to The Lethal Princess. Must read first book before this.

Becoming princess of an entire nation: That was difficult, but manageable for Avril.
Having to marry before she was ready: Once again another difficulty, but it was inevitable.
Planet hopping to save the fate of her world: Definitely where Avril draws the line.

What should have been a happily ever after for Avril Bright quickly changes when Terra's most prized possession is stolen. Head-strong and determined, Avril and her friends (thanks to Avril) find themselves on the biggest adventure of their lives.

Not only does Avril find herself battling through new foreign territories, but now she must combat the obstacles of surviving along with her friends, planet wars, and figuring out how to love somehow with an equal amount of temper as her's, Ike.

Romance. Teen Fiction. Humor. Fantasy. Adventure. Action. Drama. And a whole lot of craziness.
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TC_xox TC_xox Apr 19
I can't remeber his name but is it the one who she loved in the old book???
Why are people saying it's zane? Pretty sure it's the dynoats(?) leader tho
akhinaaa akhinaaa Mar 18
Oh no this is when she got caught :( i dont want what happened to her father happened to her
nirapova nirapova Sep 05, 2016
Totally lost. Maybe It's an excerpt that we would see later.
The_dark_unicornJ The_dark_unicornJ Nov 19, 2016
Oh my gosh!! I'm so happy there is a part two! I was feeling so incomplete as the end approached in the first book!! Waaah! So happy! *Hearts Hearts* ♡♡
dionysiae dionysiae Nov 21, 2016
This is the sequel to The Lethal Princess.  I was confused too.