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Clarity (Levi x Reader)

Clarity (Levi x Reader)

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5th Kira By 5th_Kira Updated Jun 22, 2016

Levi x reader (fan fic)

You are promoted to the Survey Corps! You try to carry on a regular life in the survey corps, but that is when you run into Levi Ackerman. In no time both of you cross paths. Will your captain ever think of you as 'something else' or just a member of his squad? Will you have any challenges to getting to your true love's heart?

Text copyright © 2015 by 5th_Kira

This is the very first fanfic I write, and I take note that it is NOT the best nor is it very good, so please don't judge, thanks. Enjoy! (Also, I take feedback.)

JeongHansDevil JeongHansDevil Dec 28, 2016
Hehehehehehehe....  *evil grin*
                              Petra: Eh? What's with that grin? 
                              Me: oh nothing... *secretly starts to plot her death*
HanjiZoeWasHere44 HanjiZoeWasHere44 Jul 09, 2016
Dammit, I just have a feeling that Petra is gonna get in the way some how!
Boner_Cast_1738 Boner_Cast_1738 Jun 10, 2016
Levi is always busy. Very accurate. Doing great so far with your story! I'm liking it so far.
Misaki1800 Misaki1800 Feb 11
Petra i Love in the Anime. But if you try to take My levi....
                              You dead bitch.
Hey Petra I have something to show you! "What is it?" OHOHO just follow me *walks to forest* Pick one of these trees... "uh-okay this one!" *I smirk a devilish grin* heheheheh "What is that face for?" Oh nothing. You will become a tree hugger in the future... most specificicly towards this tree...
vhionzhe vhionzhe Oct 19, 2016
Hah short mail and Petra shes here not ded amazing we friendssssssss