Subaru x reader (one shot + lemon)

Subaru x reader (one shot + lemon)

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Wolfy By Wolfy156 Updated Jun 29, 2015

This is a subaru x reader one shot as requested by somebody that i will mention later (*n_n*) 

An x reader,
Subaby is
The lover,
And a lemon


Heichous_Demon_Wife Heichous_Demon_Wife Oct 26, 2016
Subaru: okay so now you hit the wall, got that Mazda
                              me and Subaru's child Mazda:*punches wall*
                              Kanato: why did you name your child after a car
                              me: BECAUSE IT WAS FUNNY!
Kuu_Tsu_Senpai Kuu_Tsu_Senpai Oct 05, 2016
Mosquitoes are gonna fly in my va-jay-jay and suck it dry!!!
fabulouspotato69 fabulouspotato69 Jun 11, 2016
Do you take requests? Cause if you do,can you make a fanfic of Subaru x Yui where subaru sees laito touching yui and gets jealous and he later punishes her? Sorry I'm a bad person ::0
moonangle1234 moonangle1234 Jul 05, 2016
it's 2018 in july -scowls in annoyance- I've read this story over a few times and u need to update plz!!!
Reiji:*shows up from nowhere * well that's much disgrace*pauses and pushes his glasses up with his pointer and middle finger * didn't I tell you to take such actions to you're own private room? 
                              ME & SUBARU IN UNISION:*BLUSHES* 0//////////////////0
ILoveUnicorns0026 ILoveUnicorns0026 Oct 30, 2016
Aaw but I dont want a child just yet 😭😭😭😫😂😂😇