Subaru x reader (one shot + lemon)

Subaru x reader (one shot + lemon)

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Wolfy By Wolfy156 Updated Jun 29, 2015

This is a subaru x reader one shot as requested by somebody that i will mention later (*n_n*) 

An x reader,
Subaby is
The lover,
And a lemon


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When he did the sound in the anime it made me horn- Scared....I mean scared
batfan8120 batfan8120 Aug 26
Hmm...I hope no one is looking out the window. It would just be like: oh, what a beautiful garden! The flowers. The fountain. The people just doing it....wait...what? T^T outside has been ruined for me for life...internet shun ins here I come.
Broooooooom broooooom broooooom....*reminds me of a brandname of a car SUBARU*
DblackGG DblackGG Mar 08
my hair's brown so the sentince "your brown shiny" make's me think i have poo on my head XD(probbably in my head as well XD)
To.mato.mato.mato bon appitito if you get the reference i applaud you 👏
Reiji:*shows up from nowhere * well that's much disgrace*pauses and pushes his glasses up with his pointer and middle finger * didn't I tell you to take such actions to you're own private room? 
                              ME & SUBARU IN UNISION:*BLUSHES* 0//////////////////0