Fearless Returns    ~Book Seven in the Color Series~

Fearless Returns ~Book Seven in the Color Series~

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Isabelle By tmnt51 Completed

"I'll only be gone for a year."

"Promise me you'll come back?"

"I promise, Love.'
Leonardo left for his training two years ago and still has not returned. Isabelle has changed in many ways and has almost completely lost hope of him every coming home. But when he does return their relationship doesn't go back to normal. But when danger strikes once again will they will need each other to stay alive.

This is the last book of my series and is mainly Leonardo and Isabelle. 

Book 7 of 7
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When i first started reading the letter i thought he was gonna break up with her.
It's a good letter, but saying goodbye in person is so much better. :(
I've always wondered how do you make the covers wht apps do you use
Piggy2016 Piggy2016 Jan 24
I wrote a comment on the first paragraph and I actually have a new suggestion... Mabey more on Raphael and Chanel?
Piggy2016 Piggy2016 Jan 24
Can you please write more books? They're so amazing and detailed. They've got great grammar and spelling. These are the only books I really want to read because they are just so amazing! If you choose to write more mabey one about how their lives are going? Keep up the great work!!!!
brrhaga brrhaga Jan 21
First of all I love baby Tyler. Second of all isn't there a movie like this when leo goes to central America