Punishment (MJ Perv)

Punishment (MJ Perv)

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Mystic Wonders By CertifiedMJperv Updated Nov 18, 2015

"Babe " i say seductively kissing Michael on the cheek 

He raises an eyebrow Signalling me to go on 

"Can we... go to the beach...please " i say with a pouty face and sit on him.He smiles 

"And..what will you do for me ?" He questions obviously horny 

I scoff "Michael I'm sore from your hard pounding last night! !!" I say getting off the couch crossing my arms.

"Okay babe, I'm sorry...your just so good...But fine we'll go " he says smiling 

I jump up and down "yaayy !! Let me get ready "

I run up the stairs then get packed i grab Michael's fedora Because The sun is up and bright today And i don't want to mess with his viltigo, i don't understand viltigo honestly but i try to help him with it.

Once im done grabbing everything i go downstairs Michael's gone so i go outside and yep he's in the car. He puts his fedora on and we drive to the beach.

Once we arrive i go to the ladies room and change into my bikini.

"Are you not swimming?" I ask Michael 

He shakes his head no "you k...

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I just wanna see you strip right now cuz it's late babe I just wanna see you strip OOOHHHHHH
Wawi2017MJ Wawi2017MJ Aug 31
Why is he acting all sweet ... why tf is she smiling at him ... why isn't she chopping and frying his balls rn to feed them to him
Wawi2017MJ Wawi2017MJ Aug 31
That nigga needs to back tf up before he catches hands that'll slap his ass the same way he slapped yours
How u gonna rape me the other night than call me sleeping beauty the next I swear
Michael if your dick is bigger than your smile, it saying something.🙃🙃🌚
x_crybxby_x x_crybxby_x Dec 08
I can't imagine him like this.
                              BUT IM LAUGHING SO HARD JDJSIDJDJD