Love, Lies and a Flash of the Past

Love, Lies and a Flash of the Past

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M By PaigeDaniels Completed

This is the sequel to Sugar, Spice and a Pinch of Fantasy

(Spoiler Alert)

Seventeen years after the death of his soul mate, Haden is still struggling to set his life back on track. Depression and loneliness have become his constant companions and the people of Persephone are worried for their crowned prince.

Sensing the turmoil in their son, the king and queen have set their sights on wedding him off though this is the last thing on Haden's mind. His mind, his attention and his heart is on Earth, resting on the shoulders of one 17 year old Skylar Callahan.

Finally deciding the time has come, Haden sets back down to Earth to win Skylar over and hopefully get the happily ever after he deserves.

But as usual, the fates have decided to test him.


Skylar Callahan has just turned 17. She has an adoring family, a large group of friends and a doting boyfriend. Life can't get much better for her.

Unless you count the fact that she has to work to help support her family, or that she's the adopted child. But that's no matter, Skye has accepted her lot in life and is determined to make the most of it.

And she is content.

That is, until a new boy enters her life. His mere presence tugs at her memory, almost as if she knows him. And the new boy isn't making things easy for her. Everything about him attracts her.

Her life is set in turmoil. Weird things start happening; nightmares, blackouts and hallucinations.

Is it mere coincidence that all of this is happening after she meets the new boy - Haden Carter?

What will Skye discover as she learns to trust him? Perhaps she'll discover true love, cutting lies and maybe even a uncover some of her past?