CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenarios (UNDER HEAVY EDITING PROCESS)

CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenarios (UNDER HEAVY EDITING PROCESS)

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chrissy By -MinhoTrash Updated May 22

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my fanfiction! You all are super amazing!

This book includes:

• Slenderman

• Jeff The Killer

• Ben Drowned

• Eyeless Jack

• Masky

• Hoodie

• Ticci Toby

• Laughing Jack

• Lost Silver

• Glitchy Red

• Homicidal Liu

• Dr. Smiley 

• Sonic.exe

• The Puppeteer 

• Bloody Painter 

• Zalgo

Once again, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy! [Also accepting scenario requests!]

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Hahaha he's so cheeky xD I really do love the way you write the people. And I like that you're fully explaining each character too, some people don't do that and just assume people will know the people. I'm glad you are (:
lol I'd be like
                              "YES! I'm totally fine! ^-^ Even if there is a 1000 pound guy lying on top of me."
                              In the most sarcastic way ever
Next paragraph and a few back, you have more clearer and more safer. I'm not entirely sure but I think they're worded wrong. It'd be clearer or more clear, same with safe.
Auburn0wl Auburn0wl Sep 29
Masky have you stooped so low that you now rob girls of their purses?
Are you sure it's the wind biting you and not some rabbid dig
                              DA DA DADA DAA 
                              THAT'S HOW YOU KNOW YOU MESSED US!