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Being abused and bullied by her pack members sucks, but the bad part is that her only brother is one of them, but the worst part when her mate rejects her. 

Snow Red Jones is the pack 'disgrace' as they call her. She goes through so much pain that she only thinks of dying. 
The only thing that's keeping her from taking her own life is her mate. She's waiting for him to save her. 

Shane Alexander Dallas is the soon-to-be alpha of the shadows pack. He's popular, hot, sex god, smexy, you name it. 
He wants his mate to be beautiful and strong enough to be the luna of the second strongest pack in the world. 

What happen when Snow find out that her mate is actually her soon-to-be alpha? 


Typical werewolf story.

Don't read if you don't like violence or sexual scenes. 

First story. Be considerate.

shyanne899 shyanne899 Aug 24
I love it so far but come on slut shaming is just so over used I hate it when girls pick apart other girls. Sure it feels good at that time but later down it is horrible feeling because you don't know their pain.
foxythefairy foxythefairy Apr 15, 2016
Pale...I'm sorry if this annoys you I know with some people this annoys them.
bubblegum125 bubblegum125 Oct 23, 2016
I may be black but I'm a mix of a tomboy and a emo chick and what sucks is I go to a school where I have to wear a stupid school girl uniform it sounds cliche but its true
Nice but this paragraph just I don't feel like I should be there
mistah-j mistah-j Dec 31, 2015
this is basically me except with like winged eyeliner and shît
Hildeguarrd Hildeguarrd Dec 12, 2015
lol ppl call me emo because i wear black everyday  , literally what they said to me 
                              "Why do you wear black everyday?"
                              my response "Because blood doesnt really show up on black" :)))