Black Rose (avengers fan fic)

Black Rose (avengers fan fic)

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Suni By Suni99 Updated Sep 18, 2017

I love black roses, 
they're beautiful. 
But no one sees them the way I do.

A black rose is something that is so beautiful, 
that you forget how dark it is, 
something that seems so delicate, 
that you forget how much pain it can cause. 
Something that seems so good, 
you forget that it's evil.

I like to think of myself as a black rose, 
I look one way, 
but am truly another.

I am not A black rose, I am THE black rose, the unspoken member of the avengers, then again, who would want to spread news of a monster, at least that what I think of myself. Well I do, I want to spread news of this monster, and this is my story.

I only own black rose all other characters belong to marvel.

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MFerge MFerge Jan 17
This might be a stupid question but if she is mute how could they tell she was Australian from her accent?
WebsiteUser000 WebsiteUser000 Oct 08, 2017
Panther means black cat.
                              "Can turn into a black black cat."
                              (Sorry for being 'that' person.)
arisistable arisistable Jul 19, 2017
My middle name is rose and I'm from Australia so.,, thank you for that😂😂😁
It is necklace not neckless. No hate though. Only letting you know
Taylorbeanbetch Taylorbeanbetch Nov 22, 2016
I dont like it when fanfic writers tell you how the main character looks.. I mean we are reading in the perspective of Rose. So shouldn't we imagine how she looks like?
Too much Turquoise she will look like she is from under the water