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Naruto: Fairy Tails Newest Member

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TheGodNamedYato By TheGodNamedYato Updated Sep 16, 2017

         On the battlefield of the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto, the Hokages, and Sasuke are all trying to stop Kaguya once and for all. Every time they got close Kaguya would change the dimension, so that she would not be harmed. During this deadly battle Kaguya destroys the reanimated Hokages then returns with Naruto and Sasuke to their original dimension. In one final attempt to stop her, Naruto and Sasuke charge at her full force trying to overwhelm her but luck is not in their favor. Naruto escapes from Kaguya's counterattack only because Sasuke uses his body to protect Naruto. Sasuke is on the brink of death.

"SASUKE!", screams Naruto and Sakura while running to him.

"Why Sasuke... why would you do that?" asks Naruto with tears in his eyes.

"If anyone was going to make it out of this war and become Hokage it would e you Naruto, so I could not allow you to die."

"No Sasuke, we would have lived together. I would need you to be there when I am Hokage. You are my best friend......

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ZachUzumaki ZachUzumaki Sep 03, 2017
XD. this kinda started alot better then my old fairytail book, but very similar.
XxKakarot_GokuxX XxKakarot_GokuxX Nov 05, 2017
For some reason when I read this part the music from Attack on Titan when Eren was fighting Annie in the End of Season one when he managed to transform again
XxKakarot_GokuxX XxKakarot_GokuxX Nov 05, 2017
As we can see Naru-chan didn't friend zone him, he really NEEDS him for something ELSE (Lenny face)
ajm200307jjmPS3 ajm200307jjmPS3 Oct 28, 2017
Screw u Sakura NOOOOO KAKASHI I WILL MISS U FOREVER 😭😭😭😭😭 (sakura's death was long overdue you've got to admit that no hate Sakura  fans I just don't like her)
SolarCupid SolarCupid Feb 25
This all just happened so suddenly. I didn't even have time to feel much
Suga_For_Your_Tae Suga_For_Your_Tae Sep 17, 2017
Me: No, Sasuke's gone... and he didn't confess to Naruto. Oh well. Oh, and you there goes Kakashi too. We will miss your perverted nature, bruh. Sakura? DIED?! OMG NO, said no one ever. THIS BITCH IS FINALLY DEAD!! *throws celebrations party*