Naruto; Fairy Tails Newest Member

Naruto; Fairy Tails Newest Member

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TheGodNamedYato By TheGodNamedYato Updated Feb 18

         On the battlefield of the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto, the Hokages, and Sasuke are all trying to stop Kaguya once and for all. Every time they got close Kaguya would change the dimension, so that she would not be harmed. During this deadly battle Kaguya destroys the reanimated Hokages then returns with Naruto and Sasuke to their original dimension. In one final attempt to stop her, Naruto and Sasuke charge at her full force trying to overwhelm her but luck is not in their favor. Naruto escapes from Kaguya's counterattack only because Sasuke uses his body to protect Naruto. Sasuke is on the brink of death.

"SASUKE!", screams Naruto and Sakura while running to him.

"Why Sasuke... why would you do that?" asks Naruto with tears in his eyes.

"If anyone was going to make it out of this war and become Hokage it would e you Naruto, so I could not allow you to die."

"No Sasuke, we would have lived together. I would need you to be there when I am Hokage. You are my best friend......

YukiMeian YukiMeian May 22
Nooooo kashi-kun!!!! Aishiteru   。゚(゚´(00)`゚)゚。 waaaaa
myew42 myew42 Jan 26
Elements1999 Elements1999 Jun 28, 2016
Damn... friend zoned on the brink of death... HEHEHE!!!!!!! Serves you right for abandoning him for Pedomaru. Had you stayed, you might have gotten to be with him romantically but that'll never be possible now.
widowbooty_science widowbooty_science Mar 04, 2016
OHHH friend zoned Sasuke, you just got friend zoned. Right on the brink of death too. Ouch man, the pain you must be in. Physically and emotionally.
DovahkiinSamuel DovahkiinSamuel May 08, 2015
I have to say, right off the bat I can tell I'm going to like this story. You also made a respectable Sasuke, something you don't see much of in Naruto fanfics. Kudos to you