The Persistence of Memory

The Persistence of Memory

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Scarlett Drake By ScarletteDrake Completed

Eloise Airens. Oliver Alford. Aidan Foley.  A lonely woman who doesn't believe in love; a powerful, wealthy man who does, and a broken, but brilliant artist who has loved only one woman in silence for thirteen long, lonely years. The story opens in the scintillating world of upper class NYC, at Aidan's art exhibition. Ms Drake deftly drops us into the narrative, soaking us in delicious detail and considered moments rich in beauty and timelessness. Poignant, poetic, sharp, harsh, riven with fragility and hope, her work is addictive, relatable, and heartbreaking. Evocative of Donna Tartt, shot through with aching internalisation, languid with desire and crisp realism, the scenes shift from Eloise's and Aidan's points of view, their story unfolding, slow, tantalising, bringing us deep into their world, into their pain, their sorrow, their regrets, and their longing. Passion and fear dance together in a complex series of moves, crafted around a beautiful plot, driving us ever onward to an unforgettable, unexpected climax.

A powerful debut. Five out of five stars. If you read anything in 2018. Read this. - EA Carter 

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sammyboard17 sammyboard17 Oct 26, 2017
I’m doing art and art history and no it’s actually not just a piece of fruit and a bowl- I thought the same before too but I was wrong as hell , though at time it can be just a piece of fruit
notwitkay notwitkay Dec 09, 2017
🤔🤨 even if I “get” it do I truly understand what they’re on about? 
                              Oh to be inside the head of an artist... or not... 👀😁
notwitkay notwitkay Dec 09, 2017
Wondering what she’s been advised to think about... which she doesn’t want to... 🤔
Marigold91 Marigold91 Nov 18, 2017
This reminds me of an exhibition I went to see at Hayward Gallery on the South Bank (London) - it was just a dark room with photos of genitals and disembodied boobs projected on all the walls. Was really weird. Good memory ^^
notwitkay notwitkay Dec 09, 2017
😁😅😂 hmm hmmnn Eloise...
                              oh, I can see I’ll love the subconscious conversations here too...
notwitkay notwitkay Dec 09, 2017
Been wondering the same thing for the last few mins... 
                              SO intrigued...