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Heartbreaker [Mature HS] DISCONTINUED

Heartbreaker [Mature HS] DISCONTINUED

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cigarettehoran By cigarettehoran Updated Jan 27

He sat there with his pencil in hand, eyebrows frowned in concentration with his tongue poking out slightly from the corner of his mouth. He looked so innocent. 

God, I wanted to corrupt him. Have him underneath me and watch as every fiber of his being was immersed in pleasure. I wanted to hear his breathing deepen and his watch as his eyes dilated. He was innocent in so many ways, and oh how badly I wanted to strip his innocent and pure shell away from him. 


Harry was quiet, shy, reserved and had a thing for motorbikes, and motor-cross. His entire life revolved around bikes and dirt. He wouldn't even think about girls when he was constantly either at the track, perfecting his skills or at home, studying.

That was until he met Adeline.

Mature content.


HSxbanana HSxbanana Jun 12, 2016
This guy Snapchatted me and spelled 'cancer' as 'canser'. I didn't reply back.
HSxbanana HSxbanana Jul 01, 2016
The people in horror movies think that too, but then they end up getting chased by a psychopath with a chainsaw and a sick urge to kill
JessieHelene JessieHelene May 11, 2016
I rly like the way harry is in this story. .so different and cute
tsumami tsumami Apr 11, 2016
how do u not feel that gorgeousness in the same area as u I s2g when they were in san antonio noone had to tell me I just felt it
saltbaee saltbaee Aug 01, 2016
What i'd notice because my eyes would start twitching n shît
HSxbanana HSxbanana Jul 01, 2016
True. I mean have you seen the boy practically humping the air or his mic stand on stage?