Highschool With The Heartthrob(smrookie Jeno)

Highschool With The Heartthrob(smrookie Jeno)

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A new year means new students. What if you were lucky enough to have your crush as your classmate? Or even better, your seat buddy. 

What if he was super handsome too?

The guy's name is Jeno and that's all you have to know.


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-taengtata -taengtata 7 days ago
                              I SAID DONT DOTHAT IN GRONT OF MY SALAD DIXNT YOU HEar ME
GlisteningHobi GlisteningHobi Nov 09, 2017
if by weird you mean a savage cutie then yeah he is probably the weirdest person i have ever seen.
Czaaa_ Czaaa_ Mar 28
Am i the only one who thought Han Jisung from Stray Kids? Okthen
kkpop_kpopp kkpop_kpopp a day ago
Hah! Hyuckie has good vocals can do high notes and also is very cute hot and good looking for your information! SO HE IS ALSO A GOD
cherry_cola0 cherry_cola0 Jun 25, 2017
I am the one stupidly funny person so once he would of done that to me I would of yelled ' RAPEEE!!!' Start laughing then run
-taengtata -taengtata 7 days ago
bring me my salad 
                              but don't kiss in front of my salad 
                              >:< i donut like that