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lilypikachu By lilypikachu Completed

Oh how much i wanted to choke that red headed goop!
i mutterd under my breath while i carry my death schyte,i walk tru the night on  the tip of  londons roofs

I was informed that the red headed idiot has made some big trouble...again by no other than William t. Spears

I swear when i get my hands on him... 

I twitch my headvto the side when i heard an explosion not far ahead,grell... 

After sprinting and jumping over the roofs of london i made it were the explotion occur 

And there is he again with that DEMON...  i sight and jump off the  roof i was standing on,it was quite bothersome of then fightning again 

I grabd my scythe and tap down the ground with it,but they still dint notice me,i narrowd my eye and.looked at them fight,the hard way it is... 

I imidiatly full jump above them and strike doen like a bullet with my dead schyte

when i made contact with the solid floor between the two idiots,it send then flying back away from each other


PinkamenaDianePie489 PinkamenaDianePie489 Apr 23, 2016
@BennieDROWNED well i really have an obsession with Grell i just like the story's they make. But if Grell saw this with his actuall eye's i bet.......actually idk what he'll do. Btw multiple spelling accidents but i don't about it lol
Ms_Miku Ms_Miku Oct 01, 2016
How is his hair his "babeh" (baby)? Also who is the mama/papa?
AjTownsell AjTownsell Jun 14, 2016
I swear in my head it was like a Tom and Jerry thing when Tom runs into a pole
Breadstick_Otaku Breadstick_Otaku Mar 04, 2016
                              I'm only going to correct this cheaper because I'm me and you're you and that's that