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Supernatural preferences

Supernatural preferences

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Kate By katewinchester22 Updated Apr 03

I'll be doing Sam, Dean, Cas, Bathazar, Michael, Gabriel, Crowley and lucifur. I'll also take requests :)
(I'm in the process of editing because I was a shitty writing when I stared this book 😂)

AllyWaite AllyWaite Jul 05
I can tell the kids, "And that, kids, is why we don't allow pie in this house."
SamMay01 SamMay01 Jun 30, 2016
I like how Gabriel is a common name yet she knows it's the archangel. I wonder if like someone random named Michael, she'll be like "like the archangel?" And he'd be like "are you ok?? Are you a crazy mofo?"
sayonera sayonera May 24, 2016
I think I need help. I've got this grin plastered on my face and it won't go away.
Emo_Kitty350 Emo_Kitty350 May 20, 2016
I remember there was a fan art and Dean was standing on a table booth one leg on the table holding a spoon as a microphone and pointing at Cas singing "HES MY CHERRY PIE!" and Cas is like sitting on the booth saying "I'm his cherry pie!"
Emo_Kitty350 Emo_Kitty350 May 20, 2016
XD but selling your soul might. YOU ARE AT A CROSS ROAD DONT SAY THAT YOU IDJIT
Gothic-Glitter Gothic-Glitter Jun 27, 2016
Be nice to me Crowley! I'm diabetic, I gotta deal with enough pricks already!