InSaNiTy (creepypasta x reader)

InSaNiTy (creepypasta x reader)

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............... By Sorry_01 Updated Jun 08, 2015

I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey y'all this is a story for creepypasta fans and some of you choose this is because in my other fanfic I advertised that I'd make a creepypasta x reader story now the other of you are wondering what's the fanfic name is 'Is This Love REAL?'(Eren x Levi) 

Your right I'm talking too much anyway in this story you are a well known worldwide murder that even that creepypasta are a fan of your 'work' but then one day ReD rAvEn (that's my creepypasta name and yes I'm in this story too) is found by the creepypasta and finally get to meet their favorite one and only killer 

And like I said again yes I'm in this story and we're both famous killers and if you want you can all vote and choose which ending you would want with you're favorite creepypasta and it can be a lemon or fluff

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What the voice would really say to convince me: “Let's stab her ass! :D”
RinkaHayami- RinkaHayami- Nov 18, 2016
((I just remembered what happened in September... IM THE ONE WHO KILLED THEM ALL, I SURVIVED AFTER THE FALL!!~~))
INSaNiTY_Controls INSaNiTY_Controls Nov 18, 2016
awesomeprussiaCat awesomeprussiaCat Dec 06, 2016
YEEEEES ( ˘ ³˘)❤(*^3^)/~☆|( ̄3 ̄)|(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Rosekase Rosekase Nov 25, 2016
You stated that bluntly really bluntly like what if i went to someone and said "hi im emily and i lost my insanity" *giggles psychoticly*
EmoWolf150 EmoWolf150 Nov 27, 2016
I have one and he walks around my room at night and carries conversations with my giant Pikachu doll while sipping his cup of tea perched on the edge of his little high chair!