My Solemn Oath: A Full Metal Alchemist Fanfiction

My Solemn Oath: A Full Metal Alchemist Fanfiction

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Call Me M By hidden_galaxies Updated Nov 22

(OC x Edward Elric)
Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction

Violet had lost many things in her life. Her parents, her brother, and her limbs. Left for dead by a man she thought she could trust, she is rescued by Sara Rockbell and taken to the home of Pinako , where she meets Winry and the Elric brothers. Seeing the pain left in the boys lives, she swears to someday bring them happiness again. But will her own past get in the way of her goal, or can Edward and Al end up helping her find true happiness again as well?

(Based MAINLY on Brotherhood themes although IT IS NOT COMPLETLY ACCURATE)

khgirl678 khgirl678 Jun 24
I remember seeing the cover to your fanfic on Google images. But, Winry (girl in the middle) had blonde hair. How did you get the hair in that picture to be black? Did you use some kind of Photoshopping tool or something? Can you please tell me?
hidden_galaxies hidden_galaxies Apr 26, 2015
@sativa0319 Very intuitive but no. I'll work on updating soon though, thanks for commenting!!!