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Sasunaru: take me with you

Sasunaru: take me with you

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Kawaii potato By kawaiipotato01 Completed

Hey guys I'm a beginner so please don't judge me to much so yeah how about we start 

Now this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship or maybe more maybe a beautiful relationship between a blonde headed nerd and a raven haired emo new kid. It takes place at a middle school named konaha middle school. Ok so the blonde haired nerds name is Naruto Uzumaki he was picked on since the first grade his best friends names are Ino and  sakura. The raven haired emos name is Sasuke Uchiha the only best friends he has here is Kiba, and shikamaru and of course him,Kiba,and shikamaru are  all emo. But the one thing they won't tell their best friends or parents is that they like boys. By the way Naruto is 13 and Sasuke is 14. Ps since Naruto is a nerd he was bumped up a grade so he is 13 in the 8th grade.

Fangirl9451 Fangirl9451 Jun 22
I read the description and laughed when it said Naruto is 13 and was bumped up to 8th grade. Because I was 13 when I was in 8th grade... actually, I'll still be 13 in 9th grade until the end of August😅
In the description it said Naruto was 13 and in 8th grade because he got bumped up a grade... in 12 and in 8th, I feel small now...😭
I wake up at 5:30 and arrives at school by 6:30. So it takes me one hour to get ready...
LowLifeFujoshi LowLifeFujoshi Jan 28, 2016
Yay Sakura... I actually like Sakura... I feel bad that she's a bitch in a lot of SN fanfics
HokageUzumaki HokageUzumaki Nov 28, 2016
Shouldn't naruto be twelve? cuz I'm 13 in ninth grade not eighth grade. And Sasuke should be 13.
BEST SHIKAMARU PICTURE EVER. But why does he look constipated?