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amnesiac [zayn au] ✓

amnesiac [zayn au] ✓

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marah By intellects Completed

"He's a cold stone serial killer . . . with amnesia? You might not be wrong, but you can't just think he's been like that. If you got to know this man, he was, in fact, a successful artist. He was so passionate for what he did for a living; create art. He even discovered art himself when he almost died once. Art saved him from death. Though, it wasn't literal art; it was a human--a grown woman. When he saw her face, he couldn't seem to stay away. He never realized she'd fuck him up so bad. He soon began to love her, his thoughts and artwork were always her. His affection was so rare, you weren't able to find a man who can love a woman the way he loved her. He thought he knew who she was, but his assumptions were wrong. She was a totally different person. After her life was explained to him, all he wanted was to feel the same pain she felt. He'd even risk his life to take a walk in her shoes."
    © intellects

cover by tatiana :)
highest ranking: #724
(this story is both fluffy and dramatic, along with suspense and thrill)
The main girl, Diana, is a woman of color
started: 3/16/15
ended: 1/16/17

i don't think tears, emotional distress and angst counts as enjoyment habiti but okay
It's good. I like your writing style. It's simple but descriptive and gets to the the point. The plot is intriguing.
Thats my major in a year!!! WOOO BEJSBDJDNSNKE LONDON SUCKS THOUGH- i hate the weather here smh