The One I Want

The One I Want

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"I'm sure work can wait Ms Montiero. Our conversation is not over yet." I can't take it anymore as his strong hands hold mine against the wall behind me as he utters his words slowly in my ear. I'm eager to have  him, right now, but my mind is in complete denial. No. No. You can't. You know what will happen if you do. You cannot risk it.
"Well it is now." I manage to say, stepping out of his stiff embrace desperate for him to leave as my level of patience decreases and my heart rate increases. However, I am once again pulled back, this time hitting my back against the wall roughly as he glares at me, clearly frustrated. 
"This conversation is not over until I say it is." his voice is more stern and demanding. The fear in my eyes in unhidable. Sure I was a hunter, but never did I ever meet a more intimidating warewolf  like him. I see the signs of his wolf wanting to take over, but I don't let it happen.  
"What do you want from me Alex?" I resopond, deciding to give him a chance at telling me exactly what he wants, even though I knew what his answer was going to be. He leans in closer but knowing the consequences one little mistake can create I put my head down, facing my purple carpeted floor, only to have him bring my chin up with his fingers whilst he looks straight into my coffee- brown eyes. 
"You know what I want Christie" he starts "I want you." His words hit me as hard as a rock knowing I couldn't give him what he desired, what I desired. Our breaths were mixing as I struggled for an answer. But I didn't have to wait long before he responded to his own question with an action. A very wrong action ...

What happens when rich,  billionaire Alex Paddington, son of the Alpha, meets dancer and university student Christie Montiero, daughter of the best hunters in Chicago? 
Read to find out


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