Loving the Youngest Davenport

Loving the Youngest Davenport

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Sophia North By peacelovecats Completed

{LTYD is going under major rewriting and editing. This is the original. I suggest you visit my profile and read "[REWRITTEN] Loving the Youngest Davenport" if you want to read LTYD 2.0. Thank you.}

Caitlyn Conbolt is just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary secret- she has bionic abilities given to her from a chip in her neck. When Caitlyn meets the Davenports, she's thrilled to discover others like her. But what will happen when she falls for a certain nerdy bionic boy? Follow Caitlyn and Chase on the twists and turns of their joyride on the roller coaster called love.


PLEASE READ: I write bonus chapters for most major American holidays and because I want to, so even though the book is marked as 'Completed', I do update it. Please don't remove it from your library if you want to read these updates and/or mini sequels.

*A/N: I'm sorry it sucks. I began this roughly two years or so ago and the writing is really bad. Please excuse all the mistakes and the horrible plot in the beginning. I'm also very annoying as an author in this. That said, enjoy!*

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Oooh! Chase and Cattttt! Oml. Do you guys think Bree and Chase is a good match? I mean, they aren't really related. They were just created from the same person LOL
PRINCIPAL PERRRRY!!! Oml you made it sound just like her in the TV show! Yep, I watched the hole Lab Rats and Lab Rats Elite Force! I'm loving the story so far! <3 it's better than my fanfiction of lab Rats anyways 😂
Wouldn't you know cause Bree told you that Chase is her brother, and she already told you her last name...so...
I love you for being brave because I got annoyed with people not cursing in the lab rat stories just because it is off of Disney XD
WolfyEvans WolfyEvans Oct 10
1 is an incident
                              2 is a coincidence 
                              3 is a pattern
                              5,6, or 7 isn’t a fücking coincidence you idiot
If anyone knows who Gallowfuck is, you are now my best friend