Just Another Crush? | ✔

Just Another Crush? | ✔

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(This is my first story ever and I can promise you, it'll be the most predictable story ever. I'm in the process of re-writing it, and the new version should be up soon. Up until then, feel free to read this version.)

In which a girl having an obsession with the idea of falling in love and pizza meets a guy who can't see anyone but her.

And they, well, fall in love.

trailer by: @litiward

Humor #223  [25.04.15]
Teen Fiction #82  [07.12.16]

That's my dad's name so.... imma just rename him to Reese or something idk
mmaelin mmaelin Apr 14
i only need one friend and she's my bsf i love dearly so no i'm not
stardreamr stardreamr Aug 07
I'm always hungry. I can't stop my hunger. 
                              Ungreatful stomach.
Me when get i get full but then i see chocolate. In the end all the chocolate is gone
Maybe you need to turn the air conditioning on then he won't be so hot
WhovianForever114 WhovianForever114 Dec 25, 2016
Exactly if my friend did that I'm pretty sure I would purposely vomit on them