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Healing a Heart with Love (BoyxBoy)

Healing a Heart with Love (BoyxBoy)

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Jordan By Fangirlie101 Updated Sep 06, 2011

Since he came out of the closet, his father died, and he was raped at a party Joel’s life has never been easy. He has always been tormented since; the only thing he enjoys is cutting himself, leading for him to go to therapy after attempting suicide. Living with a mother who is rich and always gone out on business trips, she hires a maid to watch him so he doesn’t hurt himself while she is gone. But when the maid comes, she brings a son who goes to his school and has always been the popular one named Duncan. So is it possible Duncan is in the closet, let alone attracted to Joel?

- - Apr 09
Sorry, dumb question here, but wouldn't he know where he lived coz his mums the maid of Joel's house and she brings her son along?
iicrazedauthorii iicrazedauthorii Mar 11, 2016
This sounds so cute you have no idea! Thanks @JoannaSheriff!
ChocolateRaysen ChocolateRaysen Sep 05, 2013
Eh, if you loved him you wouldn't have let him get beat in the first place, moron.
kassi3xx kassi3xx May 14, 2013
I'm just thinking he didn't even have to get beaten if he would have stepped in from the beginning when they asked for his permission :(
Fangirlie101 Fangirlie101 Jun 25, 2011
@_MiMi305 Thanks! :-) Back from camp so working on it right now and promise to upload by tomorrow afternoon!
Fangirlie101 Fangirlie101 Jun 19, 2011
@CupycakesGoRawr , @XxiLoveSkittlesxX  , @Sixx_Feet_Under 
                              Wow! Thanks!!! :-) I'll be posting more tonight because you all made my day! :-) But I'm going to camp for 5 days tomorrow, but I'll write there. I'll make sure to post as soon as I get home! ASAP! :-)