Press Send

Press Send

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hi it's Jessica By itsjustmejessica14 Updated Apr 08, 2016

Here’s the thing about the internet – even if you delete your history, what you did will always exist. 

Riley finds that out when she prank emails a guy, telling him she loves him, as a dare. It only backfires when Riley sends it to the wrong person.

When I’mahotguy20 finds an email from Sexykitten890, AKA Riley, confessing her undying affection for him, he thinks it would be pretty funny to send an email back. 

Before they know it, Riley and Seth are talking everyday, counting down the minutes until they can talk to each other – and the days until they can finally meet. 
Who would have thought a stupid dare would have sparked friendship – maybe even romance. 

Cover by - @xDemonsFlowerx

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TimelesslyTiana TimelesslyTiana Apr 21, 2018
*sigh* I WISH I had 5 emails rather than the 2735 I do have . All of which are spam in too lazy to clean out 😂
chloroflower chloroflower Aug 24, 2017
You can't seriously be casting Nina and Francisco. 
                              I just read a rant book about this. THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD BESIDES NINA AND FRANCISCO.
Najeefa101 Najeefa101 Aug 09, 2017
But she could be a 50 year old man or a killer or pedo how would you know
_Nike_Freak_ _Nike_Freak_ Apr 22, 2018
But u r the one who wants to continue the conversation 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😅
hiraest hiraest Feb 06, 2017
their emails and the fact they email instead of using social media like average people
cryinginthekitchen cryinginthekitchen Feb 14, 2017
what's with the e-mail usernames? imagine your dad asking you about your username and you have to answer with "sexy kitten 80" lmaoo