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In Front of His Throne [VKOOK]

In Front of His Throne [VKOOK]

23K Reads 1.1K Votes 11 Part Story
Ariel_AlienV By ariel_alienv Updated Apr 04, 2016

The Strange One: I like games.
His Highness: I like players.
So what in the world would happen if these two cross paths? This... is a story of two different worlds tied by the same twisted fate of life.

GreyBegonia GreyBegonia Aug 17, 2016
Wow okay so this fic got me surprised! Its been a while since I read something this well written,, Good job! :)
IAmYourEngel IAmYourEngel Feb 25, 2016
Of course baekhyun is beautiful, i mean his eyeliner is on fleek ✨👍🏻
lovellidollie lovellidollie Jun 14, 2016
This is so good I don't even have time time to comment while reading
sugarvsh sugarvsh May 20, 2016
Bro, I dyed my hair at 9 do NOT tell me that 12 is a young age. 😎
Taeishable Taeishable Jun 13, 2016
I am imagining the places. Wow hehe my imagination is daebak! Lol