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Jordan By sinner1 Updated Apr 13, 2011

In the year 2012, the government once again allowed the education system to deal psychical the extreme. Beatings have been dealt out constantly everyday, to students, sometimes to the death. And in only a few generations, the teacher's gave a chance for students to be in control. By making the disciplinary officers, children.
 And, Tyler, only fourteens years old, is only trying to stay out of trouble, but when he finds that this is impossible he is forced to beat, be beaten, to change, and to understand. And in the midst of the obvious, a simple group opposes the law. Fighting for change. 

R_Kaid R_Kaid Mar 25, 2013
It's got a very unique theme--not a theme that people see everyday. Your writing could use some work though. Try using a thesaurus. It's kinda old school, but it works. But, dude, I can see that you are working hard on this, so keep it up.
ileanaclair ileanaclair Mar 02, 2013
I would say that this is a very different story from what I find around here. Never heard of such a plot, so good job on that. The writing was okay, but can be improved!
shahberi4 shahberi4 Dec 22, 2010
ooo this seems extremely interesting..
                              lol i like the little side comment in the last paragraph,
                              i think it might be called an intercom
                              but uhh i really liked this 
                              dont stop writing (:
bellapotter_16 bellapotter_16 Oct 12, 2010
Your plot sounds very interesting, i love your choice of words. You did very well on being discriptive and that helps paint and image for your readers. well done! off to the next chapter!
TheIvyCailyn TheIvyCailyn Oct 11, 2010
this is a very good book, and you should continue :)
sinner1 sinner1 Aug 27, 2010
@dreamybanana  Thank you very much, I am only thirteen years old and wish to become an author, I don't normally let people read my work, so I thanked God for this site. (Not a fan of confrontation) I didn't know any of the things you just mentioned, so thanks so much.