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But he's MY nerd!

But he's MY nerd!

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presleysangel By presleysangel Completed

"Are you kidding me...?  That guy is a total NERD!"

"...What's wrong with having a little brain power?"

The office girls call Shane  'nerd boy', LaDonna just wants to call him hers!

aaaw I love this story. Its refreshing to see the guy being the "cute and nerdy" one ;)
_Le_Abby_ _Le_Abby_ 4 days ago
I just want someone smart ...I can barely hold a convo with these other guys ...
Reiiplier Reiiplier Jul 29, 2016
I WANT A NERD I WANT ONE REALLY BAD I have the biggest crush on a guy at my school and he is a total nerd like me and my ex boyfriends (except one) are nerds.
MariaNazos MariaNazos Feb 19
That's how I think about my brother
                              Man my brother is sooooo annoying!
Reiiplier Reiiplier Jul 29, 2016
Why do I relate to her so much Jesus she is so me it's not even real.
MariaNazos MariaNazos Feb 19
                              I can't see the photo !!!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo 😥😢😢😢😢😢