I F-U-C-K-E-D My B-U-L-L-Y [bullies with benefits]

I F-U-C-K-E-D My B-U-L-L-Y [bullies with benefits]

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Treasure By Treasurerepublic Completed

This is a story that you've never heard or read similar. Another freaky  story and its being taken to a whole new level. Im talking XRATED. Yall didnt see this coming? Haha a Princeton story with roc and others as co-stars.  "I fucked My bully" not friend with benefits and not I fell in love with My bully. "I FUCKED MY BULLY!!!"	Shall we get horny? I think we shall.

Cast calls? :

Roc's victim- 

Dominique- THE SEX SLAVE. (she is the hottest slut you'll ever see. She fucks Hella hard and the most. She is  nasty but a bad ass and knows how to throw it down. if I could choose any role it would be dominique because she puts the boss in boss bitch.

Sex triplets- Kylee



(also get the most action)

"I fucked My bully" is coming soon

If you cant handle this then get the f....out !.  Thanks.

Keke__hooper Keke__hooper Jun 13, 2015
I love this book already shiz I haven't grown yet I am 4'10 and she that little taken it okayyyyyyy
steamyfictioner21 steamyfictioner21 Dec 11, 2014
same. finally someone uses my height and not some 5'2 shiznit saying that short like bitch please
LarrysaBeSpiffy LarrysaBeSpiffy Jun 16, 2013
woww she 17 and 4'11 nigga im 13 and 5'5 wth she aint just short man she midget SHORT!!! ahaa
MindlessStateOfMind MindlessStateOfMind May 31, 2013
im readyyyyyyyyyyyy (Indi's vocie) Lls "shall we get  horny? ....i think we shall" Lmaoooo sunds like a good book tho so im read :)
MayaDaLuvlee MayaDaLuvlee May 26, 2013
@XxMichiganShortyyxX  I know right....4'11 and a quarter over here --> nand yes the quarter DOES count! <--
RoyalMsFt143 RoyalMsFt143 May 14, 2013
Omigosh this girl said "shall we get horny, I think we shall"