The Girl Who Caught the Gang Leader's Eye [ON HOLD]

The Girl Who Caught the Gang Leader's Eye [ON HOLD]

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That-Girl99 By That-Girl99 Updated Feb 27, 2016

Hannah the goodie two shoes and Grayson the big bad gang leader... Pretty clishé huh?

Hannah and Grayson are pretty different personalities, but somehow they click. Follow those two lovebirds on their journey to heart break, hate and eventually love.

Warning: Mature content at some parts, very colorful language and grammar errors.

lozaryslaying lozaryslaying Jan 30, 2016
Ok but isn't that guy in ur cover from a book called "the teacher" i thk? Im just asking
aurora_valentina aurora_valentina Dec 25, 2015
U know right cuddling leads to spooning which further leads to forking
FanJohnGreen17 FanJohnGreen17 Nov 26, 2015
HELP... i am on a computer and i can only read the "please read, on't skip" bit..... HELP
RestlessRocker RestlessRocker Nov 12, 2015
Okay no judge but I happen to cuss when a character (be it in a book or movie) does something stupid but it's not hate on the book. So please don't take it the wrong way.
                              By the way can't wait to start reading this book seems awesome😉
Twerk_For_Nutella Twerk_For_Nutella Nov 12, 2015
... When I read story titles like this, I instantly imagine
                              A girl catching an eye. Literally.
herminie_phandome herminie_phandome Oct 28, 2015
Yeah, I hope this will be a good book. Pulled me in the first time I read what it was about so I think you will be fine