Why?  (Editing)

Why? (Editing)

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Danielle Knight is 18 years old  and has an 8 month old son. She was raped at a party when she was 16. She didn’t care that the baby was the result of a rape incident, though. She decided to love him no matter what happened.
One summer, she has to go to visit her family and pack. While there, she finds her mate: the new Alpha of the pack. He doesn’t know how to respond when he finds out that she has a baby. Things only get worse when Bentley’s real dad comes back into the picture and tries to act like a proper father.
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If she was raped at 16, she would have been almost or just have turned 17 when she gave birth however this says she was a couple of months from being 18. Just pointing the math out to the author, totally not trying to pick a fight or anything
That is a really cute name for a boy. Makes him sound so sophisticated
agcr4286 agcr4286 Feb 17
What an adorable baby, I know who his father is
                              It’s Wattpad. Look at those grey curved letters just adorable
CelestialButterflies CelestialButterflies Jun 22, 2017
When it comes to hunger, I can even eat the Grim Reaper's food
I would do the same thing like why would you do that to a child and like why would you have an abortion like that’s just messed up that’s my opinion though
Thank god she kept the baby I do agree with her it is never the babys fault so people shouldnt get abortions (in myyyy opinion)