A Purple Heart FNAF (Vincent x reader)

A Purple Heart FNAF (Vincent x reader)

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I just REALLY had the urge to make this Vincent xreader fanfic! It was killing me! Not many people do Vincent x reader or anything.....let me take that back...that's the main thing that people are writing about nowadays! XD but that is also why I want to do it, because I want to show my idea of how it would look like...anyways let's get to the story!

( Y/N POV)

      This was my first time of going to the pizzeria... Ever! I was so excited and I just couldn't believe how many people come to this place. It's crazy! It was only 11:35pm, but I wanted to get to know my partner a little more so it ain't so weird working with him. I think his name was Mike, was it? I am not so sure, but you know...I am a forgetful person! 

      I walked into the pizzeria and saw Mike sitting there in annoyance. "There you are, I've been waiting here to show you around for the past...24 minutes!" He growled and grabbed my arm. He pulled me towards the animatronic...

I'm gonna die-  is what I think when ANYONE touchesmy shoulders
Nightwolvespackyt_aj Nightwolvespackyt_aj Dec 27, 2016
Me: *is sining dumb songs well I was good* fox and Vin: still kissing me: hits vins back he looks at me and I just turn to a wolf and sat fox looked at me to 0////0 wat??!!!!! I.said they just laughed at me  WATTTT???!!!!! I SAID VERY LOUD SO EVERYTHING CAN HEAR MEH
AngieRobles3 AngieRobles3 Aug 02, 2016
He realize he was kissing a potato and passed up (btw it was an ugly potato)
AlphaElementalWolf AlphaElementalWolf Jul 03, 2016
No,no,no...hold on a second,if you like somebody,why tell them you murdered 5 kids? Awkward way to end a make out session.
Aph-Liechtenstein Aph-Liechtenstein Jul 17, 2016
My suspicion's were confirmed. He's a complete boozo. I don't want to be raped again!!
- - Jul 18, 2016
This is extremely confusing...
                              Oh you slit my neck and made out with me in a haunted pizzeria at 3 am against my will?  You're the killer of give children and the cause of this haunted pizzeria? Of course I love you!