[EDITING] My Boyfriend is an Idol [EXO Fanfiction]

[EDITING] My Boyfriend is an Idol [EXO Fanfiction]

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Eternally_ChanBaek ♡ By Jjangmaine Updated Jun 09, 2016

Park Yoona is a quite famous model, came from a wealthy family and a loving daughter. All her life she was treated special. 

She wanted to experience having a simple life. That people will treat her normally like how they treat others. 

Like what if they didn't know her family is rich? and they also didn't know she's a model? That she's just a simple nobody. Will they still treat her the same as before? Or way different? 

So she came up with a plan  and decided to transfer to a new school this senior year, masking her true identity by using a false one. So that no one could easily recognize her.

Indeed, her plan was sucessful, she thought she's going to have things her way but then she met this 12 handsome yet charming boys.

Her plan somehow became complicated and harder for her to do than she thought it would be.

She is fully aware that secrets won't last forever so she has to face all the consequences and for being very close to them.


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