Bruised Beyond Beauty // John Murphy// The 100

Bruised Beyond Beauty // John Murphy// The 100

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Ace By StayGolden13 Updated Mar 30, 2016

"Loving me is the dumbest thing you could possibly do."

"Did you just call me stupid Murphy?"

I don't own any of the characters from the 100 nor do I own the plot. The only thing I own is my character Ace and some of the plot twists, everything else  go to credit the tv series The 100

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Avenger011 Avenger011 Feb 14
Loved it! ☺️ I can’t wait to see how John and Ace’s relationship turns out to be!
wingless wingless May 12, 2016
if you're gonna censor hell, then you shouldn't be watching/writing stuff for shows like the 100. like whose gonna read it? a guardian ??
gallifreyarising gallifreyarising Jan 13, 2017
It's your own thing if you want to censor swears and the word hell but, no one's gonna report you. I've seen tons of books steeped in swearing and they've never gotten reported, so you're okay.
TheMrsHoranClifford TheMrsHoranClifford Dec 28, 2015
First thing i saw was the pic of the paper plane necklace and i just thought: yep that girl is in both of my fandoms😉
mystolengrace mystolengrace Nov 19, 2015
Hey, i was wondering how can we add a cast member to a story. Sorry if I bothered you. Your story is amazing !!