HeartBeater : A Scorose Fanfic

HeartBeater : A Scorose Fanfic

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theswashbuckler By theswashbuckler Updated Apr 20, 2016

It's his Sixth Year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Scorpius Malfoy has outstanding O.W.Ls, a prefectship, a great relationship with his best friend Albus Potter and plays Seeker for Slytherin.  
The only marr in his otherwise perfect life is the five foot zero firebrand Rose Weasely who has become the bane of his existence over the years with her uncouth mouth and easy ability to be good at whatever she feels like doing. Though his father insisted that they be the generation that eradicates the centuries long blood feud between their families, Scorpius wishes Weasely would just vanish from his life, as Quidditch players were wont to do in the olden days. 

But then, the Ministry of Magic announces the inauguration of the Inter Schools Quidditch Cup in order to 'foster healthy global relationships between the magical community through bone-crushing sports,' and Scorpius finds himself living his worst nightmare: 

Playing on the same side as his nemesis!

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