Bullied - Dolan Twins

Bullied - Dolan Twins

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lexi nicole By illuminatinglexi Updated Jun 04, 2016

Sophia Harris' life has been amazing for as long as she can remember. However, one day, that all changes. Two new boys move into town and change her life completely. The twist? They're twins with polar opposite personalities. What will happen between Sophia and the Dolans?

Author's Note: Slight Personality Change

Author's Note: Bullied has been undergoing some rewrites! The plot remains the same, I just decided to rewrite the parts that made me cringe. 

Thank you everyone for reading and voting! I love you all! 

- Lexi

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7Kay48 7Kay48 Apr 10, 2017
I'm changing names 😑😑 shopia is now jasmine baker is now carter holly is now Chloe the and then 😋 mom and dad
Dolan_Yorba13 Dolan_Yorba13 Aug 12, 2017
Baker is hot is thag gonna be her brother or like boyfriend or her ex💝😻😭😎
chxmclouda chxmclouda Mar 19, 2016
Everyone is talking about how Baker is soo cute, but do they not realize she just said "hi daddy" to her dad at age what? 16?
-MiaSoneff- -MiaSoneff- Apr 02, 2016
This book is the best book ever please keep on writing till u die
illuminatinglexi illuminatinglexi Nov 30, 2015
I just noticed all of these comments saying that you guys like baker :) should he become a bigger part of the story?