Dead Silence

Dead Silence

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'Civil war has broken out in a third-world country ravaged by poverty, crime and disease. A separatist group has staged their independence from the government, sparking conflict within the southern district of the country. Guerrilla warfare is widespread and an estimated 150,000 people are now homeless. UN intervention has been initiated and negotiations have begun, however, the death toll has still reached three thousand since the beginning of the conflict in September 2009. Aid organisations are now preparing to send volunteers into the worst effected areas in a bid to curb the fatalities.'

When asked what they would like to be when they grow up most children will answer that they want to be a singer or a dancer.

I wanted to be an Aid worker. 

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PennyZee PennyZee Aug 22, 2015
We, as civilians do not realize the challenges facing soldiers and volunteers who travel to war torn countries. Your story taps into the trials faced. Great job in providing the public with the realities these folks face while assisting those in need.
CheetahStar211 CheetahStar211 Jul 18, 2015
Love your writing :3 By the way, that picture in the cover is actually a drawing  by VianaArts on DeviantArt <3
- - May 01, 2015
                              isnt da cover  dat of da famous pak gal wid green eyes?
sheismighty sheismighty Apr 23, 2013
love it!!!!!It's so good to read something different to everything else on wattpad! !!!  :) :)
whitelace whitelace Sep 24, 2012
Your descriptions and detailing make it sound so realistic. Pretty amazing talent you have. Hope that you'll continue it one day.
neverfeardeath neverfeardeath Apr 09, 2012
No matter how many times I read it, it just gets better and better. You write very well. :)