Enigma (sherlockxreader)

Enigma (sherlockxreader)

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H_Wynne By H_Wynne Updated Jan 02, 2016

Sherlock meets a mysterious woman on a train. The woman tells Sherlock to invite her to dinner in which, he did. He repeatedly questions his immediate decision making. 
Who was this woman, and what are her true intentions? Perhaps she is a new love interest for our dashing  protagonist, or something else... 
Sherlock must learn the identity of this lady at all costs before anything bad happens.   


This my first  fanfic for BBC Sherlock...
(i apologize if the story is not good.)
I was inspired by the movie "The Tourist "

I love how Angelina Jolie emits that femme fatale aura, so I wanted reader-chan to experience the thrill of the chase with detective Mr. Holmes. 


I'm planning to write more chapters...if I'm not so busy...and please bare with me if I take too long to update.


K. Darcie

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