GHB X Reader

GHB X Reader

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Emblem_of_Homestuck By Emblem_of_Homestuck Updated Sep 14, 2016

You're a slave to none other than the famous Grand Highblood. Everything is as normal as possible for a human slave on Alternia can be, that is until you get in some trouble with blue blooded guards.

You run from them, but all doors are locked except for one. You enter and lock the door, but, surprise, surprise, it's the Grand Highblood's room. You don't know this, not yet. But his grubs soon tell you it is. Some shit happens and now you sneak into GHB's room everyday after work, while he's still culling, and play with them. 

GHB isn't stupid though, he knows someone has been into his room a lot, and the grubs aren't any help in telling in him who at all. So, he decides to hide and wait for the intruder, making sure it seems like he culling. What happens when he finds you?

I'm not very good at descriptions and this is my first X Reader. I hope you like it!

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HannahD1999 HannahD1999 Jun 08, 2016
The motherly instinct is already kicking in. Fearing more for the grubs more than oneself. I actually can be pretty motherly. Especially to my friend and younger siblings.
Xxrainbowdubstepxx Xxrainbowdubstepxx Jul 30, 2015
This isn't actually bad ^^
                              And I'm kind jelly I haven't thought of something like this lol. 
                              Most people would rush stuff like this like mega but you took it alright ^^
                              Keep it going
TrickstrQueen TrickstrQueen Mar 21, 2015
So I just woke up and this is the best way to wake up! So you should continue if you want~