Cruel Rejection

Cruel Rejection

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KAY🖤 By Phoenix_247 Completed

I have been abused, I have been tortured, I have been mocked, I have been broken down mentally and physically and now I have been rejected. 
I am falling through a dark and endless abyss trying to climb my way out but failing epically. 
They say there is always a light at the end of that dark tunnel, well where is my light? Where is my happy ending? 

All I have is this cruel rejection.


This is not your average cliché rejection story.

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Theeerealllk Theeerealllk a day ago
My brother would never do that to me because he knows imma beat the f*ck out of him
EvilKyunie EvilKyunie Mar 02
The whole pack is stupid. I mean, he obviously died cuz of the bite on his neck, she still cant shift at that time, why would they accused her of doing it? A bunch of empty headed in a pack lol.
And she’s been abused because her boyfriend played the hero..... I DON’T EFFING SEE HOW THIS IS HER FAULT
Considering how you guys need her to do everything. I think that the last thing  she is is useless.
RedG03135 RedG03135 3 days ago
But she didn’t know how to turn that’s just a really stupid assumption to blame her when there’s so much eveidenc lmao 1.claw marks 2.the smell of the rogues 3 she still had her clothes on
OREOS504 OREOS504 Feb 23
Bruh THIS is a breakfast. U can't eat breakfast if there's no bacon😂