Cruel Rejection

Cruel Rejection

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KAY🌹 By Phoenix_247 Completed

I have been abused, I have been tortured, I have been mocked, I have been broken down mentally and physically and now I have been rejected. 
I am falling through a dark and endless abyss trying to climb my way out but failing epically. 
They say there is always a light at the end of that dark tunnel, well where is my light? Where is my happy ending? 

All I have is this cruel rejection.


This is not your average cliché rejection story.

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KBPryce KBPryce Apr 24
Oh, I'm sorry miss bitch I don't think I am a mirror nor did I ask for your opinion
lilokaimana lilokaimana Apr 19
Gawd damn I got punched in the face by the author in that first line 😂
It's never they fault, everybody be so hurt they accuse the people that was there
“Beat like a dog” um am sorry but wth?u don’t fuking beat dogs 😕
dakhjo dakhjo Apr 17
Dude those things hurt. My sister barely hit her head on the edge of one and it bruised almost immediately
bruh if you were my brother (I do have a brother) you would have a knife to you neck already 
                              ( true story)