His Slave °Complete°

His Slave °Complete°

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°Rin° By Its_Rin_The_Otaku Completed

Rin has a history teacher that scares her. Her friends all tell her it's an irrational fear and nothing to worry about, but she can't shake the feeling. He would creepily glance at her during class, follow her in the halls, and stalk her at lunch. Her friends didn't acknowledge it nor notice it. No one but Rin could see him for the creep he was. 

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*Warning: Contains adult themes*

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Wonderer14 Wonderer14 2 days ago
Lol all this trouble over a paper cut 🤣😂🤣😂 so over dramatic
Fizzah1352 Fizzah1352 Jul 28, 2017
YOO GUYRL WRITER I have a creepy history teacher too like yeah thats why I wanted to read this book.
Space-demon Space-demon Nov 11, 2017
This reminds me of my old biology teacher he was a freaking creep
simplyamira_ simplyamira_ Nov 23, 2017
Bro chill he act like she got shot like calm down its not that serious 💀😂
Afrigoddess Afrigoddess Jan 01
Oh great...it. Can't get more ugly than that oh wait it just did
CA2000 CA2000 Nov 12, 2017
My history teacher is kinda creepy too! He’s always hitting on theses two girls