His Slave °Complete°

His Slave °Complete°

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°Rin° By Its_Rin_The_Otaku Completed

Rin has a history teacher that scares her. Her friends all tell her it's an irrational fear and nothing to worry about, but she can't shake the feeling. He would creepily glance at her during class, follow her in the halls, and stalk her at lunch. Her friends didn't acknowledge it nor notice it. No one but Rin could see him for the creep he was. 

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*Warning: Contains adult themes*

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Tia_Rose05 Tia_Rose05 May 13
SAME! My history teacher has been suspended before for hitting on us middle schoolers. However, they can’t find a replacement.
Aerihyunee Aerihyunee May 06
On the other hand, my English teacher is just plain out creepy, he gives me child molester vibes ahahaha
nu_waifu_nu_laifu nu_waifu_nu_laifu 5 days ago
lmao ur not alone, I have a perverted history teacher he gives me the creeps, a girl transferred out of his class because he did "something" to her......
cneff14 cneff14 May 14
@Its_Rin_The_Otaku what does Mr. Mills look like? Is he old or young?
dolans1bae dolans1bae May 18
they the type of people to get kidnapped and probably raped and killed
caz22443 caz22443 May 09
*holds up thor*
                              THE POWER OF THOR COMPELES YOU
                              *looks at thor*
                              Wow your heavy