His Slave °Complete°

His Slave °Complete°

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Rin has a history teacher that scares her. Her friends all tell her it's an irrational fear and nothing to worry about, but she can't shake the feeling. He would creepily glance at her during class, follow her in the halls, and stalk her at lunch. Her friends didn't acknowledge it nor notice it. No one but Rin could see him for the creep he was. 

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*Warning: Contains adult themes*

My friends in another hall are convinced their History teacher is perverted. They claim he looks down girls' shirts and at their butts, and on a field trip where they stopped at a pool. he got suspended from school because of it.
SaltyPaper SaltyPaper 4 days ago
But being last means he'll see you more than the hoards of other bishes 😮
OMG your history teacher was like that oh man must be weird. Although if he gives you a higher grade because of it would rock.
My shop teacher does this to girls and hes been caught many times and still hasnt been fired? Ive also seen him countless times place his hands on girls and girls only. Its creepy and i hate that i go to his class but i cant get out of it.
- - Jun 19
My history teacher is a little too touchy in most areas. 👅his mouth is like that every time he sees my friends and I walk in.
Being weary is bad because of anxiety does to the body, but is awesome because you know when to be cautious. So who cares if you're paranoid.