He Saved Me(Thug Urban)

He Saved Me(Thug Urban)

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Through the cracks in the streets, she found her way and  landed into a Thug's arms. 

The name's Kharter. Kharter Raie Jackson age 20, originating from the place of Compton,  and everywhere she turns she finds no comfort or relief. She's been to hell and back and all she needs is somebody to show her that she's not what people says she is. Trying to make the best life she knows how for her daughters she longs to get out of the hood to become a neurologist.  She 's on her own and in need of a savior, though she ever never seems to admit it.

And that's where Rashad "Slim" Hunter comes in, a regular  trap King whose only ambition is to be rich, richer than he already is. He's far deeper than he appears to Kharter, but she just can't see beyond his baggy jeans ,hefty golden chains and crooked smile. While Rashad soon concludes  that Kharter is a Gangster's Paradise.

Inspired by a conversation, real life situations and everyday devastation.  Dedicated to my Love.

You need to watch them lips before them hoes get snatched off 😐
You were just complaining about people getting shot and now you're denying a ride? Bish take those babies and get in that car
Pumpkinz Pumpkinz Jun 30
Nopes Leila...that's not how we do things...I sure couldn't when I was younger
crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 thas right baby
Pumpkinz Pumpkinz Jun 30
Really??Don't she buy there all the time??What is $2 and change to bring to the shop tomorrow??
LoveThyNy24 LoveThyNy24 Sep 02, 2016
Or else🤔 Because if I lose this job then I really can whoop that ass one good time