Puppet {pokemon fanfiction}

Puppet {pokemon fanfiction}

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Kelly By beyaliv Completed

I'm a freak.
My hair is long and black, with one bloody red streak and bangs that hang in my eyes. My skin is pale, and my eyes are a red-violet shade.
I am made - experiment after experiment...a success.

Giovanni tells me I will accomplish many things one day, but I don't know what that is. Ghetsis glares, but too, promises me that I will accomplish something great. Cyrus too, all tell me I will accomplish great things someday. All the other leaders say so, Archie, Maxie, Lysandre, and all the others.

We reside on an old island, a place where the sun never shines, a place where I can practice my powers. They tell me that true, I will be seen as a freak of nature, but what I really am is the representative of a new age. 

Not even the Dex Holders will be able to stop me.

Disclaimer: I do not own the cover, it is from the internet. Nor do I own Pokemon.

Warning: There are depressive thoughts in this story. Please read with caution.

Note: This story is horribly unedited, but if you still want to read it, I hope you can enjoy it (:

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ScarletApollo99 ScarletApollo99 Mar 22, 2017
I like how you included the bad guys from all the Pokemon games so far
YukiiWolf11 YukiiWolf11 Sep 19, 2017
wait... it they reffer to the kids as dex holders... IS YELLOW IN THIS BOOK???? I WILL SO HAPPY IF SHE IS FINNALLY IN A BOOK!!!!!!
Stefano-Valentini Stefano-Valentini Jul 31, 2017
Im really glad that you putted in the name Zena in here... My dog had that name but she died.. So this is kinda a little reminder of her.. Thank you so much.  :')
kittylee12 kittylee12 Sep 18, 2016
This is quite good so far
                              The only slightly annoying thing is how you kept changing tenses without warning
                              At one point it was 'she, he, they' 
                              And at another it was 'me, I' 
                              Sorry to nitpick, I just try to help
BrayHeyHey BrayHeyHey Jul 09, 2015
Someone had to do this:
                              Welcome to my world that's painted with sadness~
                              There's no light of sun
                              There you can't hear any sound at all~
                              Here I'm waiting silently for you father
                              Why were you so cruel to leave poor Mary alone~