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A White Wolf

A White Wolf

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kayde By kaydekay Completed

Ally Stone is a white wolf and that basically means that she has these crazy amazing powers. White wolves are actually quite rare in the werewolf world and this makes Ally a target for hunters and power hungry Alpha's. Every werewolf in the world has a mate but Ally's hoping that she might be the exception to this rule as she never wanted a mate because she doesn't want him to get hurt by all the crazy things that seem to happen in her life. When she finds Trey, her mate, will all that change? Or will she reject him to keep him safe?

trnsttr_unko0520 trnsttr_unko0520 Dec 24, 2016
ohmygod she already found her mate dang that was fast and awkward as heck
Frz3498 Frz3498 Jul 13, 2016
Really??? You just met them, you are hunted, and you literally just gave away your secret powers? I'm just speechless lol hope it won't bite her in the ass later on
half-blood_13 half-blood_13 Jul 23, 2016
Ally Carter is actually an author of  series of Gallagher spy book.
I am now addicted to this story, the writing draws me in like I'm in the story
definitionoftrash definitionoftrash Feb 16, 2016
That one word that is in almost every werewolf book I've ever read
chector53 chector53 Jul 11, 2015
wow, found mate while going to alpha to tell him he is going to die.  Original.  You got me on this one cool.