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Aquaphilia || Destiel AU

Aquaphilia || Destiel AU

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Destiel Trash 💅 By wingsandhunters Completed

Once there was a small town named Seabrook Coast. The small town sat on the edge of a large sea that held the most beautiful but deadly creatures. Shrieking Eels. 
The sound they made was so human like then years before when the town was first made, people used to swim out into the ocean to try and save the person who was shrieking, only to find out too late that the deadly creatures used this sound to lure in their prey. 

300 years after the town was made and tradition holds that every month in the light of a full moon, a virgin must be sacrificed to the sea god. No one knew his name, no one was even sure that he existed as no one had even seen him until....

I swear the Mayor just had the hat and all the paper for show, but decides himself who dies and puts their name on all the paper.
Waiting for Esmeralda to sing :               I thought we all were children of God...
HersheyBar_15 HersheyBar_15 Sep 11, 2016
If had the chance to change your fate, would you?
                              Fûck yes..
GalaxyHopper GalaxyHopper Dec 11, 2016
I 100% forgot I was reading a SPN fanfic and I read Mister Singer and went "hey just like Bobby!"
oh_my_satan101 oh_my_satan101 Dec 23, 2016
Once I was at a crappy motel that had a pool, but it was dirty and I was so afraid something was in the pool I couldn't even swim in the 5ft water it was so terrorizing.
MstydiaL MstydiaL Dec 13, 2016
We love you too..  
                              But I'm just saying..  If you hurt my feelings again.. 
                              I'm gonna find you..  
                              And am gonna cry on your shoulders..