Red Riding Hood (Werewolf)

Red Riding Hood (Werewolf)

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Guadalupe By NotSoMuchLove Updated Sep 08, 2016

Rose lives in a small village near a forest were many don't dare to enter alone. Tales say that a big wolf lurks in the woods seeking for his next pray. 

At the age of thirteen, little red entered the woods alone for the first time to visit her sick grandmother. Mother told her not to stray from her path but certain circumstances forced her to do so. On her way back, for the first time ever, she crossed paths with the big bad wolf. Before she could even blink, he was gone. 

Since that day, she hasn't seen the wolf again. Yet after years of visits to the woods, she couldn't help but begin to have a feeling she was being watched.

Please do understand the story is based back in the days when kids would have more freedom than the kids now in days. Medicine was not as advanced as it is today and a simple fever was almost dangerous if not taken care of properly.  

Also this is not a story of a thirteen year old in a relationship with an older guy. I would like to clear that up now so please no comments about pedophilia.  I do make the book progress in years so she isn't staying thirteen forever. 

Thanks again for giving my story a chance. Hope you enjoy.

Inspired by the actual story ,Little Red Riding Hood with a slight twist.
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Cover made my: EnjziiBlxck

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--Kit_Kat-- --Kit_Kat-- May 15
I'm thinking of Once Upon A Time where the cloak kept her from being the wolf. Anyone else?
nlilly nlilly Mar 01, 2016
I am so excited 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😏😏 I can't wait 😫
SingingOffKey SingingOffKey Oct 09, 2016
I'm pretty certain if he went to the local church they would let him pray.
Novinophobic Novinophobic Jan 20, 2016
My mom would stay with my sick grandmother, not in the woods.