Since we were 16  (Dan Howell x Reader)

Since we were 16 (Dan Howell x Reader)

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High school was miserable. If I thought getting picked on was bad... I should have seen my future. My fathers company was moved so we went all the way from America to the UK. I met friends. Espiacally Dan Howell. I thought my life was getting better until my dad killed himself and my mother became abusive. I needed a hero to save me. And that was Dan Howell... who I fell in love with.

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fastfatty fastfatty Sep 23, 2017
Thank God it's Friday cause Fridays will always be better than Sundays cause Sundays are my suicide days
Slythergirl8730 Slythergirl8730 Sep 24, 2017
This_Little_Snap_Pea This_Little_Snap_Pea Aug 20, 2017
Like how I'm used to dancing on my tiptoes without screaming? That used to be a problem. I'm not allowed to scream in front of the little children. Only smiling. I'm used to it now.
DanandIrma DanandIrma Jun 30, 2017
Okay. I think that was some kind of joke... because, QUIET? ME? *very loud laughter* and shy? BWAHAHAHAHA! SHY IS A FRIKKING UNDERSTATMENT! oh, and let's get started on the "little" part *heavily inhales* *exhales* boiiiiii I take up as much space as six hundred and seventy three blue whales
-editorsmistake -editorsmistake Jul 07, 2017
Funny how this is me irl. Ppl are judging
                              Me and some crap. But I'm not quiet. I'm Loud shy and awkward
marauders-map marauders-map Dec 28, 2017
Why did I read THANK GOD in dans voice 
                              Dumbledore said calmly