Since we were 16  (Dan Howell x Reader)

Since we were 16 (Dan Howell x Reader)

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High school was miserable. If I thought getting picked on was bad... I should have seen my future. My fathers company was moved so we went all the way from America to the UK. I met friends. Espiacally Dan Howell. I thought my life was getting better until my dad killed himself and my mother became abusive. I needed a hero to save me. And that was Dan Howell... who I fell in love with.

PJO-HoOfanatic PJO-HoOfanatic Dec 29, 2016
It's not Friday it's Thursday! Good thing it's break then everyday is now a Friday
Same though. Like, that's actually me. I just can't eat apples right now cause of braces... oh well
TheLapisWolf13 TheLapisWolf13 Dec 15, 2016
This is me but I live in England (not in London tho so I can't meet Dan and Phil)
@mvargas101 dude, haven't you always seen me stand up for my self or walk away? Like, bitch. Idgaf what you say to me!
jishwasdrums jishwasdrums Nov 16, 2016
Thank GOD it's Friday cuz Fridays will always be better than sundays cuz sundays are my suicide days
                              Ok bai
- - Oct 01, 2016
Lucky my parents have to know everything about me and they won't let me walk outside with crop tops