If It Were Me

If It Were Me

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Sierra By SheMakesTimeDisapear Updated Jul 28, 2012

Seaver Annabel Proctor is sixteen years old and has never been kissed. Or held hands...or even had a boyfriend. She is more than content with this lifestyle, but Seaver's life takes a turn for the worst when Grant Sumner is her partner in her biggest school project. 

          But not everything is what it seems.

          Seaver is having flash backs of things she didn't even realized happened to her. And it all started when Grant appeared, who seems to have something more than a skeleton in his closet.

          Tired of being left out of the game, Seaver thinks she is ready to do what it takes to fall in love, but when it comes to love, its not always kisses and I'm sorrys.

          Sometimes, its what's on the darker side that you should be concerned with.