Beanth the Fur

Beanth the Fur

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thunderheart By thunderheart Updated Jan 21, 2012

The woods.....

 5:00 P.M.  Chase's POV

I  was lying down on the ground suddenly feeling wet,cold,and muddy.Of course I was in my wolf form,a tough gray wolf who sparkled in the moonlight with peircing blue eyes and a blue tip on the end of my tail.Also, a little peice of info...IF YOU SCREW WITH ME, ILL KILL YOU! I got up feeling woozy,I heard a call,and it sounded like my dad. I was a wolf so the only I can do was run for it. I rushed to freedom but I crashed. I began to think,"WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!"It was to dark to see the trees.I slowly went past the tree and ran again.I was to afraid something was gonna come after me,especially with all the leaves ruseling in here, but what? Maybe another rogue like the other night, in case you don't know, "rogues" are bad wolves andare mostly brown and black. I tried to get out of there as quick as possible, when I came out I was in my human form like my wolf didn't exsist. But I knew I was in really big trouble because my dad was standing right ...

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