Malice (A Vampire/Gerard Way/MCR Fanfic)

Malice (A Vampire/Gerard Way/MCR Fanfic)

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Victoria By ThnksfrthMemes Updated Jul 31, 2016

Violet. Your average teenager, with her average teenager habits, her average teenager best friend, average teenager life, is stunned into a whole new reality.  It goes from bullies and drama to life and death, Witches and Hunters, love and lust.

And it all starts with a boy. 

(This is not a Ferard Fanfic, it's a Vampire Fic! Don't judge a book by it's description :) I hope you enjoy because I'm really excited! Fall Out Boy plays a part in this fic as well :)!!! )

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I mean when I’m not wearing uniform I wear only merch and black skinny jeans
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3am only if I have editing shít to do, other than that, I sleep at 10.30pm or 12.30am
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                              *fan places gun near my forehead*
                              I mean....FRANK AND GERARD SITTING ON A TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G
I don't know why but I'm re-reading this whole fan fiction. Geesus I have no life.
KaleighTheBiscuit KaleighTheBiscuit Nov 23, 2017
I'm Italian, Polish, Native American, and Irish. It's a quite horrible mix on me. My face is always pale but my arms are TAN. My hair is a strawberry red. Ugh, I'm ugly
-thirdheart -thirdheart Nov 29, 2017
---me till my fave comes off ——— What?
                              Its a meme bro chill