Malice (A Vampire/Gerard Way/MCR Fanfic)

Malice (A Vampire/Gerard Way/MCR Fanfic)

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Victoria By ThnksfrthMemes Updated Jul 31, 2016

Violet. Your average teenager, with her average teenager habits, her average teenager best friend, average teenager life, is stunned into a whole new reality.  It goes from bullies and drama to life and death, Witches and Hunters, love and lust.

And it all starts with a boy. 

(This is not a Ferard Fanfic, it's a Vampire Fic! Don't judge a book by it's description :) I hope you enjoy because I'm really excited! Fall Out Boy plays a part in this fic as well :)!!! )

HHHudson HHHudson Jun 28
Ok, so funny story. One of my sister's birthday, Alexandra, is on the 6th. Mines on the 12th, and my brother, Devin Anthony Bartasavich(DAB), is the 13th.
My best friend since 1st grade and I have polar opposite schedules, so I can never sleep at her house, cause she goes to bed hella early, and it leaves me not being able to sleep until 2 in the morning.
HHHudson HHHudson Jun 28
I don't know if I can read this. I have a personal grudge against someone of that name. They played apart in my breakup so story
animebabe15 animebabe15 Jun 15
*sigh* I see too much Misfits, it's become so cliche in emo fanfic. Not hating on Misfits, I do enjoy some of their songs, its just the fact that so many  people use it in their fanfics that its really overused. However, I can relate to the dizziness thing.
Same. Although my last boyfriend was actually amazing. Alright self enough with the sappy bullshat
                              WITH YOUR BLOND HAIR (which I can't eat much about because I have dark blond hair) AND BLUE EYES AND PERKY VOICES AND JUST