Malice (A Vampire/Gerard Way/MCR Fanfic)

Malice (A Vampire/Gerard Way/MCR Fanfic)

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Victoria By ThnksfrthMemes Updated Jul 31, 2016

Violet. Your average teenager, with her average teenager habits, her average teenager best friend, average teenager life, is stunned into a whole new reality.  It goes from bullies and drama to life and death, Witches and Hunters, love and lust.

And it all starts with a boy. 

(This is not a Ferard Fanfic, it's a Vampire Fic! Don't judge a book by it's description :) I hope you enjoy because I'm really excited! Fall Out Boy plays a part in this fic as well :)!!! )

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gerardopoly_ gerardopoly_ May 04, 2017
Wat if his painting was him and her but then she put blood on it creating the three cheers album
Cindaz77 Cindaz77 Jul 17, 2017
...And before I knew it, my clothes became predominantly black
-thirdheart -thirdheart Nov 29, 2017
3am only if I have editing shít to do, other than that, I sleep at 10.30pm or 12.30am
hjs8910 hjs8910 Mar 16
I always wear black and my older sister's like "don't go emo on me" and I'm like "too late sis"
-thirdheart -thirdheart Nov 29, 2017
                              *fan places gun near my forehead*
                              I mean....FRANK AND GERARD SITTING ON A TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G
FrankieromustnotdieX FrankieromustnotdieX Jul 13, 2017
Black is the color I wear when I'm happy
                              And sad
                              And annoyed 
                              I'm very complicating